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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving in Buffalo
A professional Asphalt Paving Service
A professional Asphalt Paving Service
Paving Asphalt in buffalo

Asphalt pavement is commonly used in parking lots, residential driveways and pathways. It is a preferred choice for property owners because it gives a smoother, elegant view to your entrance. It is also less dusty than a gravel or sand driveway. Some of our clients mention that they prefer asphalt because it ensures longevity, which makes their investment stretch out for years. Whichever your reason, at Buffalo Paving Pros we make sure to install excellent asphalt pavement. Our team of experts makes sure to use only the best material and tools to get the job done. We abide by all local construction codes and make safety our number one priority.

Step by step process

The first step we take when we are going to install asphalt is to have one of our Prep technician go to the property to get all the necessary measurements, including inclination. The technician also marks any particularities of the surface, such as drainage. All this is written up in a report which are handed over to our main site supervisor, who then marks the lines or steady curbs where the asphalt will go. Afterwards, our team of professional work coordinated to maintain everything compact, straight to ensure quality and longevity.

Specialized equipment

Our years of experience in the industry has shown us that no two properties are alike. Each service that we provide is unique, just like our client and their properties. In order to adjust to the specific needs of our clients, we have a wide range of materials and equipment. For example, our pavers can install asphalt on driveways that range from 8 to 16 ft. width. Most Buffalo residences have approximately 10ft driveways, however, size varies. That’s why we make sure to have equipment with versatility, which helps with layout, style and finished result.

Time efficient service

Installing pavement can sometimes be a bit of a hassle because it entails momentarily blocking pathways. At Buffalo Paving Pros we want our service to be quick and efficient so that you can go about your normal daily routine. During the installation process, our crew makes sure to have the material on the site at an even rate so that we can move the pavers smoothly and constantly. Here is a quick fact: if you drive the paver too fast and then slow down, the asphalt will look differently in different spots. This means ending up with an uneven, patchy driveway.


Our company takes safety extremely seriously. We are certified, insured professional who take all the necessary measures to make sure your family and our workers are safe during the whole installation process. We always ask our clients to get in touch with their local council to make they have the proper permits to have heavy equipment in their property. We also recommend that they call 811 to ensure that underground service lines are properly marked. Furthermore, we ask our clients to make sure that no children or pets are outdoors during the process.

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