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Blacktop Paving

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Blacktop Paving Services
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Buffalo blacktop paving

Are you tired of looking at your home exterior and seeing an old, ugly pathway? Have those long winter days in Buffalo turned your driveway into a mess? We have the perfect solution: Blacktop Paving! Blacktop paving is a type of asphalt that is commonly used in the city for roads and pathways. It is used for residential homes as well as commercial parking lots. The benefits of blacktop are that it economical, resistant and long lasting. Our company has the experience and equipment to offer the highest quality service in any blacktop paving project. Our attention to detail and customer service is what makes us stand out in the industry.

New blacktop installation

Adding a new layer of blacktop pavement can do wonders to your home. It can make it look fresh and clear. Unlike other types of home renovations, such as gardening or painting, installing blacktop is a 15 to 20-year solution. In other words, money well spent! For new installments, we make sure to take all the necessary precautions. This means doing a meticulous inspection of the area beforehand, taking measurements and calculating inclination, as well as evaluating the soil conditions and checking for underground service lines. Basically, we want to guarantee the longevity of a new installment. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pathways ever again.

Seal coating

Blacktop pavements are mayor investment. And in order to prevent damage, they should be protected correctly. Seal Coating your pavement is sort like when you paint your house: if you don’t paint the surface, time and weather will be sure to deteriorate it. Seal coating is a way to ensure your investment, avoid replacement or repairs. A pavement with seal coating is the difference between a 5 years and a 20-year maintenance service. For this reason, our company always recommend our customer consider an additional seal coating service for their blacktop pavement.

Repairs and maintenance

In our years of professional experience, we have gone to thousands of properties. It is quite common to find asphalt that has been damaged. Especially with Buffalo’s weather conditions. Have damaged asphalt not only makes the property look reckless, it also can become a safety hazard for people passing by. A person tripping, a car’s tire getting stuck or a bike accidents are a few risks of damaged asphalt. Don’t wait for an accident to occur in your property. Our crew of professionals can easily go and patch up your asphalt. We can provide additional maintenance to make sure you don’t have deal with the problem again later on.

Emergency services

A lot of people find it weird to think associate pavement with emergencies. It doesn’t seeming like an emergency until you have the problem right in front of you! You can’t imagine the amount of client’s that have called in to request an emergency pavement service. Especially during the winter time, Buffalo residents sometimes wake up to a big patch in the pavement property. This can cause stress if you have big family or business event coming up. Or you can be worried about the risks of accident. Whichever the reason, we provide efficient solutions through our emergency service. To use it, all you have to do is contact us through our emergency telephone line. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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