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Common Paving Defects

Knowing the difference and the common paving defects is important. It can easily identify when you will need to repair the pavement or even the patio. Many of us are unaware of these different defects. Sometimes, we have no idea that our pavement has damages and defects that need to be addressed. We let them hang instead. It is the reason why it became worse and severe. Therefore, here is the list of the common paving defects that probably might happen to us. 


Uneven Pavers

Most of the time, we think that it is ordinary to have uneven pavers. That is why when we notice it, we do not take action immediately. The truth is, uneven pavers are one of the common defects in paving. We have uneven pavers because they are not being installed properly. They either do not install it deep enough or assure its thickness. In this case, it can make the situation worse if not addressed immediately. 


Sinking Pavers

The pavers can develop low spot or sunken pavers. The sinking pavers developed because of the shaky ground, water exposure, and poor installation. Likewise, if we are living in an area with extremely cold weather, it is possible to experience sinking pavers. However, the pavers can also be caused by water erosion, gutter leaking, and broken downspouts. Also, one of the common reasons for sinking pavers is due to poor installation. It is important to find the reason why your pavers are sinking. It is much easier to resolve it, likewise. 


Weed Growth on the Pavers

Most of the time, weeds are growing on the joints of our pavers. In this case, the best solution is to apply polymeric sand to prevent. It is effective in preventing them from growing on the joints of your pavers. Moreover, polymeric sand is also the best tool to use in other pavers breakages. 


Professional Contractors

Most of these are caused by poor installation. That is why it is important to be careful in hiring paving contractors. However, you can hire the Buffalo Paving Pros. We provide both paving installation and repair. We provide high-quality and efficient services