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Driveway Resurfacing

Buffalo Paving Pros Driveway Resurfacing
Driveway Resurfacing in Buffalo
Resurfacing Driveway in Buffalo
Driveway Resurfacing Services

Surface damage to your driveway doesn’t need to be a catastrophic problem that will drain your time and money. You can actually turn the situation around and make this a great opportunity for an affordable home renovation. Driveway resurfacing is a procedure in which we basically add a thin layer of pavement mix to the whole surface, to gives it a new, fresh look. Resurfacing is very versatile because it can include different materials or designs. The options are limitless and all depend on each homeowner’s particular style. With our professional crew, we can gladly guide you through the different options so can choice what best suits your home.


Having a professional driveway resurfacing repair isn’t only about getting a quick fix. For Buffalo Paving Pros, it’s important to make sure that we can provide a long lasting solution, so that you don’t have to worry about your driveway again. That’s why the first task we do is to inspect the area and determine the original cause of the damage. This will allow us to decide the best procedure to undertake. For example, different processes apply to a driveway resurfacing, depending if the damage was caused by poor concrete mix, bad compact subgrade or weather-related causes. Our assessment process is just another proof of the excellent integral service we provide.

Hiring a professional

Resurfacing is one of those tasks that is best to leave to a professional hiring service. Not only is it important to find the cause of the damage, but once identified, the resurfacing process requires specialized skills and knowledge about how to prepare the surface, mix concrete and apply on the slabs. When resurfacing is not done correctly, it can cause severe cracks or further damage to the surface. Furthermore, sometimes resurfacing need to be done after solving a soil or moisture problem. Taking the proper steps is what we do best.


Resurfacing your driveway is the way to go if you have large cracks or holes on the pavement (if you have smaller damage, feel free to check out our Driveway Repair section). It’s also a great option if you have peeling, chipping or discoloration on the concrete. Furthermore, if you feel like your property is looking outdated, resurfacing is an excellent procedure to add any additional design you would like. The best part is that it is a cost and time efficient solution to renovate your driveway.

Adding design

If you are the type of homeowner that likes to renovate your landscape exterior every once in a while, then driveway resurfacing is the best affordable option for you! Resurfacing is very versatile because there is a wide range of materials that can be used in the process. There is brick, stone and flagstone, just to name a few. The versatile in patterns can also be done during the placement process. Some clients like to mix and match different materials, for example, they use white concrete for the main surface and then add random stone in the border of the slab for a visual affect.

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